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The Sufis begin their journey with love, fill it with love, and end it in love. Love is the first and the last world. It is the Alpha, and the Omega, the Awal and the Akhir. Love is the Source of all and everything ……..

Sufi-solutions-500x500There has been so much emphasis on the outer forms of religion and religious rituals – that the spirit of religiousness and religiosity are completely forgotten. This must be corrected, and the Sufis alone can do it. For, they live in the very spirit of religiousness and religiosity. And, what is the spirit? This is seeing the Face of God in all directions. This is finding God in all places. This is serving God who envelopes all that is while at the same time abiding in each and every heart.


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life-500x500Are we alive, or merely living? Being alive is very dynamic. It means that we are evolving all the time. Living, on the other hand, can be static. One can go on living without ever evolving! We are living, yes… no doubt! Sadly, however, most of humanity lives in such a way that is so unconscious, and so mechanical. Far too many of us live a routine life that will someday come to an abrupt end, and then…. that’s it!

This book is an invitation to live “fully”


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Soul-Quest-english-500x500An enlightened master was once asked, “Who are you? Are you an angel, a god, or what?!” The master replied with a meaningful smile, “I am awake!”

Indeed, an enlightened being never claims anything other than just that, and with such profound simplicity! And, this book is an honest account of the writer’s journey to such an awakening… of the agony, and the ecstasy, that a soul experiences on its way to enlightenment. The writer also gives the reader numerous useful tips, including a complete program on “Self-Management”, in order to help facilitate the path for those who are desirous of undertaking their own soul’s journey.

A friendly greeting to those who are already awake, this book, is an eye opener to those of you who are slumbering, and an alarm with a loud ring to those of you who maybe till fast asleep!


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